itself provides 20+ default templates. But most of the blogger’s will switch from those templates to custom templates very soon after starting blog. Even I have wasted ( not actually, I have learnt many things) much time in doing template customization. Template will surely impact on the blog viewers and readers. Most of the blog readers those who came from Google search will not read your all content,they will just scan your blog. If your blog template is impressive and responding then they may get interest in your blog and surf for other contents in your blog.

No doubt,template will play a main role in your blog bounce rate and even in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If your blog has great and unique content but has a very poor template means it may get good SEO but surely it will decreases the number of readers. Blog template should attract the readers of blog and they should enjoy the navigation of your blog.

What we meant by Template Customization?

Basically Template Customization means making your blog look unique and different from others blog. We can find hundreds of blog on same niche. So it is very important to make your blog stand unique. Basic Customization includes Changing the color and size of background,header,post title,fonts and adding widgets etc… These are all done by Blogger Template Customize option and these are all require no programming knowledge. But the real Customization starts when you alter the source code of the Blog or HTML file. The real customization experience starts from there. Blogger current templates are developed using HTML and CSS programming languages.Unlike Word press Blogger will allow you to edit the source code of the template.We can develop or else alter the any template easily with these programming skills.The main theme of customization is to adding new features and altering the template layout to make viewers enjoy the posts.

Is that possible to customize the template without programming knowledge ?

Yes, you can do most of the editing with zero web designing knowledge.This is possible with the help of blogger template designing tutorial Blogs. They will teach each and every steps to do the blogger customization.But these customization will likely Blind customization skills.But no need to worry, after several time of editing you will come to know about these languages.I have advice of three blogs which really helps you to do it.

1. Blogger Buster – This blog is managed by Amanda Kennedy (Web designer).This is one of the best blogger template designing tutorial blog. Where she explains each and every steps of customization from starting.Another good thing about her is she responds to most of the queries and comments. If you want to custom your template from Beginning then this is the best tutorial for you.

2. My Blogger Tricks and Blogger Stop – These two are my loved blogs for blogger widgets. MybloggerTricks is managed by Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai and BloggerStop is managed by Divya Sai. These two blogs are constantly developing the unique and awesome widgets for the Blogger Blogs and their way of explaining is also a pretty cool.You may find hundreds of other blogs which provides blogger widgets but most of them are Copied from some other blogs.I truly hate those bloggers. Another thing about BloggerStop blog is they provide the content thieves list really that’s a cool idea!

There are many other blogs also there but I followed these blogs in my starting days of blogging so I listed them here.It doesn’t mean that except these blogs all are copied content blogs..! I hope these blogs will surely help you to do template customization.If you want any extra code or customs then simply Google it!

What are the disadvantages of Ready made blogs (downloaded) ?

Many of the Bloggers use downloaded or Ready made templates,One of the main disadvantage of those templates is you can’t customize them as you want and also changing every widget links,Social profile links is not a easy task and also most of those templates contains the broken links.It may effect your site in search engine results.Another thing is you have to give them a back link for from your blog.If you download any popular than blog theme than you may not feel the uniqueness.The images and java scripts are another problem in those templates.They may slow down your site loading time. We must take care of the SEO features also.If you try to customize these templates using any blog tutorial means most of the time you will never get the exact codes in your template.

Why I Suggest you the Minima Template to use for your Blog ?

Minima Template is Designed by Douglas Bowman for Blogger was re-designed and added many new features at that time they removed this template from their showcase.In Internet Most blogger tutorials are made for template code of Minima.If you are using Minima template than you can easily find all the code’s which are required to edit the template.Here is the Minima template download (Download Minima Template) and start to customize best of luck…