There are many platforms are there for blogging. But most competition is there between Blogger and WordPress. Both of the platforms are popular and have the equal reputation. WordPress is private company which is dedicated for blogging. Where many popular Blogs are hosted. Blogger is the Google product which is launched in the year of 2010.

Most of the people Start their first blog in blogger and after some time they will move to WordPress. Why because since wordpress is blogging dedicated company it updated daily with the lot of Themes, widgets and Tools. We can find more than 6000 widgets there. We can find everything readymade there. But also i suggest and prefer blogger for new bloggers , the reasons behind these suggestions are as follows…

 1. Easy to use Blogger web Interface

In since there is few options its very easy to understand the interface. No need to confuse between many options. In WordPress there are many features and options which new bloggers can not understand quickly. Those who familiar with the blogging they can understand easily but for newbies can’t.

  2. Easy to customize the template without programming knowledge

In blogger we can find the Template Customize option, where we can easily customize without knowing any programming knowledge. If you know something about HTML, then you can even edit the root template also. But in wordpress we have to use the predesigned themes or else we have to pay more than 30$ per year to customize the template.

  3. We have to buy a domain if we choose WordPress to apply AdSense

When we start a free blog then URL will look as ‘’ or ‘yoursite.’. If you want to apply for AdSense to earn money from blog then you must have the higher level domain name that is .com .in .us .org etc.. But is exceptional because since BlogSpot is a Google product.
We can find many blogs with but is very rare, because of Google AdSense policy. If you are ready to pay for domain then only go for wordpress.

  4. We do have the Hosting related knowledge

Once you login to the wordpress site you will come to know how much money they will ask for each customization. For all these risk self hosting is a perfect solution. If you yourself host the site then you will have the 100%  control over your blog. But hosting is not easy as you think. First of all we have to pay almost above 5-6$ for every month for hosting, and then we have to kept an eye on website uptime, downtime and all other technical stuffs. If you have null knowledge about all these things then you may loose your money with hosting companies. Until either you get all the knowledge Blogger is enough.

  5. Template modification is easier in Blogger HTML compared to php

Blogger templates are designed using HTML language and the wordpress themes are designed using php. Comparatively HTML is easy to customization but be careful and have a backup before customization. Once you go through the template program you will have a idea on simple modification.
Both of these platforms are good for blogging but if you are ready to invest something for your blog then choose the wordpress. Because if you ready to pay then you can customize template and all other things as you want, then You will definitely feel that paying is really deserves. But if you want a decent free blog with own possible customization then blogger is much more. Choice is yours..!