Blogging is nothing but Expressing yourself or teaching in the form of letters, photos and Videos. The “Blog” is nothing but the place where you blogging. common blogs, photo blogs and video blogs are the formats of blogging. This is also similar to social networkingbut here your words matters most and all readers of your blog are interested in your thoughts and topics.
  • Personal Blogs – Its just your personal dairy which you are willing to show others.You update this blog with your daily activities, your interests, opinions, photos etc..We can find many celebrities, politicians and common people’s life stories in their blogs.
  • Brand and Company Related Blogs – These blogs are representative of their brands and companies in internet.These blogs will updated by the social manager or advertising department of that company.These blogs will focus on their products and New features. They collect the opinions from their users and manages almost all actions of company.
  • General Topic Blogs – This is the most famous and large sector of blogging. You can use these blogs to share whatever you know. These blogs are used to share the topics like News, Fashion, Technology, Gadgets, Cooking, How-to’s, Trading, Humor, Culture,Jobs, Marriage, Motherhood, Education, computers, Agriculture, Travelling, Tourism, jokes, poems, stories, Music, Movies, sports….and etc. etc. etc…..Choose any topic or niche which you are fascinated and start blogging. These whole thing left to your thinking and ability.

    What is the major difference between Blog and Website ?

    Before starting a Blog we should know what is the difference between Blog and Website.The main difference between these two is websites are not going to update periodically or daily and Blogs will update the content periodically or daily. Most of the active blogs update daily or thrice in a week.

    How start a New own Free Blog ?

    After understanding what is blog, If you are interested in starting your own blog with free of cost then i will tell you how to start it and how to manage it. The thing is you don’t need to pay for a blog actually, but if you manage it perfectly then you can earn money from your very own blog..! There are many platforms to start a Free Blog. Among them Word press and Blogger is popular because of their user friendliness and Easy to use options. If you are new to blogging then i suggest you to choose blogger platform. As it is a Google product you can simply sign into and start blogging. Once you get familiar with the blogging then you can continue with blogger or word press. Blogger provides you a HTML template and Word press provides Php Template. Until either you get some knowledge  about all these things don’t worry about Template design and customization.Once you have sufficient posts or content in your blog then you can customize your template to look attractively.

    Steps to Create a Simple Blog in 2 minutes with

    Go to

Sign in with your Gmail id. If you don’t have create it or signup in Blogger only.
In the left side click on New Blog Icon.
Choose your Blog Title ( that is name of a blog ).
Choose the URL of your blog. It should be unique, don’t add numbers in it.
Choose a template whichever you like. Done! Your blog is Created.

After creating blog once look over at all the options and features. Blogger have a really simple navigation, though you can understand everything easily. After that Go to New post and then write anything you want and then publish it!