Blogger is one of the top free blogging platform. As it is a free service,it has many limitation. One of the hurting truth of blogging is your blog can be deleted at any time, but it happens only if you don’t follow their TOS. As I know they will not delete blog, if their is no spamming .According to me this is not a limitation or disadvantage of blogger. This is a good policy to keep the blogosphere clean and spam free!

Lets come to point. By any mistake if your blog deleted or you only deleted the blogger account accidently then you will never get your blog content from the blogger team. All your hard work on that blog may get ruined. So it is a good idea to get the whole replica of your blog, i mean get a Backup.

How to Backup,Restore and Delete your blogger blog…?

Go to blogger and then login with your credential,then select the blog which you want backup.

Then at the left side Go to settings and then select other sub option.

Then at the top of the page you will get option like Export,Import and Delete option.

Here is all the option you want…

Use Export option to Get backup file of your blogger blog, which contains posts and pages. It doesn’t contains the Template of your blog. You will get a XML file of your blog to your local drive. You can use this file to restore your deleted or lost blog.

Use import option to Restore the blog using XML file.XML file which you downloaded through Export method.

Use delete blog option,in case if you want to delete your blog. But this action will not get executed suddenly. Blogger gives you a 6 months of time to decide whether you really want to delete or not… In this 6 months of period you can undelete the blog and continue blogging.