Google’s views on duplicate content and linking

There are a couple of excellent content on the blog just now looking at two issues relevant to any website looking to improve their search engine rankings: Google’s Tips On Duplicate Content Worries looks at how Google views duplicate content. Stop The Freak Out Over Linking looks at the dos and don’ts of using links to give your ranking a boost. Anyone involved in working on their business’s website should keep up to date with search engine developments, and Search Engine Land is another great resource to add to your list. makes collaborative writing a breeze

I’ve been collaborating on a project with another writer, as well as three remote stakeholders — all of whom need to see, comment on, and approve some online copy. We’ve found Google’s online wordprocessing tool — — great for this. You open an account, save your documents and invite the other people who need to view them to sign up wth their own login. Everyone’s comments are visible to all invitees for a particular document, and anyone can make amends, leave suggestions, etc. Chalk another one up to Google — it’s really a very handy tool.