Search Engines are the best inventions in this virtual world of internet. Each and everyday more than billions of people are using them to find whatever they want. Search Engines are the bridge between site owners(bloggers) and Readers (Viewers). If there were no search engines then users must used to type your site URL and then only they can land to your page. But search Engines made all these tasks easy by Indexing all content from Internet and then helping searchers to find accurate information or service.

How Search Engines work ?

Whenever a term or word searched in Search Engine,search engine scans its whole index to find some content which is relative to the given terms and keywords. If it found something relative to the searched term in its index then all matched results will be sorted and shown according to the keyword density and Page Rank.

What is meant by Indexing of a blog ? Why It is So Important ?

Blog Indexing is nothing but ‘Making search engines to keep your blog pages in their Index’. As I already said while showing search results, search engines looks its own index only. If your blog page is not indexed means your blog post will not appear in the search results and you will not get a good exposure. So its very important to get your blog Indexed.

How to ensure that whether my blog is indexed or not ?

You know whether your blog is indexed or not go to search Engine first and then search like this 

Replace Domain with your website name like or you found at least 1 result also,then it means that your site is indexed by that search engine.

If you find no results or only few results then here are tips to get index all your blog pages quickly and Easily with free of cost.

Create some valuable content before asking for Index of a blog

Don’t force search engines to crawl your empty blog.Do post some posts with some valuable content before asking for Index. Because search engines index blogs to fetch information and data,they don’t came to your blog just for promotion purpose..!

Submit sitemaps to search Engines using webmaster tools

Submitting the sitemaps helps search engine crawlers to index your site quickly and easily. Another advantage of this one is if your blog have any problems (such as robot.txt) while indexing, you will get notified through the webmaster tool. If you do not submit sitemap and do not use webmaster tools, you will never come to know about the crawling errors.

Use ping bots to send update Information

Ping bots are used to send the update information about your blog to all the search Engines. It informs the search engine bots that your blog is updated or changed. Then search engine bots will come to your blog to index the new page.

Add meta tags and meta keyword’s to your blog

Meta tags and Meta keywords are the basic’s of a blog SEO. These helps search engines to know about your blog. Meta tag is nothing but description of your blog in few sentences and the meta keywords are the words or terms which describes your blog niche. These meta keywords plays the very important role in your blog page rank also. According to your keyword density your blog will feature in search results.

Using the proper meta tag and meta keyword is good practice to make search engines to index your site quickly and correctly.

Add your blogs to the Blog directories

Submitting blogs to the directories was one of the essential and important thing in old days. But now most of the blog directories last their value on search engines. There will be more spam in directories which supports link exchange. So submitting your blog to all directories is not a good idea.Choose the directories wisely. Submit your blog to only reputed and good directories.
Good blog directories are usually crawled by search engines regularly. If your link of your blog exist on such sites then search engines will also come to your site to index your content. Some of the best directories I use are Technorati, Digg and alltop.

Comment on Do_follow and popular blogs

Commenting is one of the popular way to increase traffic and backlinks.As usual search engines always crawls the popular sites regularly.If you comment on those sites with your blog URL then you will get easy exposure to the search engines.Try to comment on sites which have do_follow and high traffic.

Share your content on Social Network sites whenever you post

Sharing the posts will not only helps in increasing traffic,it also helps for good SEO.Search engines like Google is capable of reading and social network site content.Another thing is Google always gives more preference to its own social network site Google+.Google always crawls Google+ for new links and content.Sharing content in Google+ is one of the best practice to indexed by Google quickly and regularly.

Submit your URL to the search Engines

This is not so important if you done all the above correctly.But also this is work of 2 minutes.So why to neglect this one.To submit the new URL you don’t need any accounts or anything.You can submit it as a Anonymous.
Submit your URL to Google and Yahoo…