I do always loves Google products, Google chrome tops in the list. Extensions are the applications which can be installed to the browser. These are the small small scripts which are written by Google Chrome developers and other programmers. Chrome Extensions enrich the browsing environment and saves lot of time. Since I started Content writing and blogging I used some of useful great extensions on Google chrome to make my work easy and best. These extensions not only saved my time these also helped me to being update and made my some tasks risk free.

1. Web Rank SEO

Web Rank SEO is one of the blogger’s daily need Extension. As Name Suggests it gives the Ranking details of a particular site in web. The Ranking’s Include Alexa, Compete, Quantcast etc.. Rankings.

Number of pages indexed by Search engines.

Backlinks of a site on basis of Google,Bing and Alexa.

This contains a socio meter and a website security information also.

2. Feed Reader

A simple and pretty way of keeping track of your latest RSS and Atom feeds. The best RSS Feed Reader extension for Chrome. Inspired by Firefox’s Live Bookmarks.

This extension helps to read your favorite blogs and to comment on those blogs first!

3. Screenshot Capture

If your running some tutorial based blog means you surely aware or need of this extension.There are many extensions are there to capture your screen,but I found this better.This also enables you to edit,crop and annoy the image after capturing.

4. Google URL Shortner

If you are using Some affiliate program on your blog then it is a very helpful to you.Some people don’t believe the products which are affiliated or promoted.So if you shorten the links then its bit hard to find which links are affiliate or promoted.This is also helpful when sharing some links through Twitter.

5. AdBlock

This is one of the most popular Chrome plugin which developed by Michael and Katie. This blocks almost all ads from AdSense, YouTube and other ad networks. If your tired with ads then you can use it for free.If you’re a AdSense publisher then its is must for you because it avoids accident click on your own ads.

6. Free Stock Photo Search

Every blogger wants free stock photos for their blog posts.Searching for stock photos is made easy with this extension.This extension have a updating list of free stock photo delivering sites.These helps to find free photos.

7. No_Follow tag Checker

Have you ever thought how to find out No_follow tag Blogs? This is a very helpful in the time of link building and Commenting on blogs in the purpose of back linking.this tools simply runs behind the screen and indicates the links on that page which are used No_Follow tag.

8. Pocket

Pocket is a tool which helps to save and read your favorite blog pages later. You can read them in offline also. Simply a click will save the page with no ads and other pages.It gives a clean, widget free page of your favorite blogs.